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Retail Transformation

It's a comprehensive service designed for the modern retailer seeking to optimize their online and in-store operations. You're not just getting hardware; you're equipping your business with a suite of tools that offer unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

POS System

eCommerce Bundle

Introducing the eCommerce Bundle, the ultimate solution tailored for the digital era, designed to empower your online retail presence with the most advanced retail solutions POS.

This bundle combines the agility of online commerce with the robustness of traditional POS system hardware, ensuring your business thrives in both virtual and physical marketplaces.

Tailored for eCommerce Excellence
Delta 1st Central Portal
Your command center, offering easy access to manage sales, inventory, and customer data from anywhere, at any time.
Online POS Software
Streamline your sales with our cloud-based POS, allowing for seamless transactions whether in-store or online.
Online Reporting
Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting tools that analyze sales trends, inventory levels, and customer preferences.
Customize Themes
Elevate your brand with fully customizable themes that reflect your business's unique style and ethos.
Apple & Google Pay
Offer your customers the convenience of the latest in payment technology, supporting both Apple & Google Pay for quick, secure transactions.

Disclaimer for Clarity and Confidence: To ensure a seamless integration into your business, each hardware selection is accompanied by a setup fee, alongside an ongoing service subscription for uninterrupted excellence. We pledge complete transparency, promising detailed explanations during your setup request. Plus, the exciting opportunity to select your eCommerce Bundle awaits in our discovery meeting, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

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